In general, we video tape all of our presentations for educational purposes, and we have been debating as to whether to make these tapes available to the interested public and medical school libraries for a small charge to cover our costs ($19.95 per two tape meeting now on DVD format). The list of previous speakers is shown below. Since we need to establish the demand for such tapes before providing this service on a regular basis, if you would be interested in obtaining a copy of any of them or would like to receive VHS copies of future tapes on a regular basis, please send an E-mail message to "".

Of course, it is to be understood that these tapes or DVD's are not of broadcast quality, being a "one-camera shoot," nor is there any post-production editing, so they will not be of professional quality. In particular, the audio portion of audience questions will not always be perfectly intelligible, due to variable acoustics in the room and the lack of subsequent sound mixing. Nevertheless, they frequently contain valuable pedagogical material and early scientific speculation that cannot be easily obtained simply by reading the literature.