The Los Angeles Gerontology Research Group is an educational, not-for-profit organization, sponsored in part by the Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research of Santa Clarita, CA, The Lifeline Medical Clinics of Los Angeles, CA, and the Paul Glenn Foundation for Medical Research of Santa Barbara, CA. Please click on Charter for more details. As of February 2006, we have approximately 160 members, more than half with advanced degrees. We also have organized an international GRG Discussion Group through UCLA that transmits a dozen messages a day to an audience of ~200 participants.

Our goal is to educate our members on the latest progress on theories of aging and their long-term implications for clinical practice. Our members include physicians, scientists, and engineers, as well as interested lay persons. We hold monthly meetings, usually the second Monday evening of the month, in different parts of Los Angeles, including UCLA, the VA Medical Center, USC, and CalTech, to which we invite leading researchers in gerontology and related fields as guest lecturers to present their latest research results. Over the course of a year, we strive to maintain an equal mix of basic sciences and clinical research. After the formal talk, we normally review recent scientific and medical advances that have taken place over the preceding month.

In addition, we conduct "Journal Clubs" in which we review recent books and popular magazine articles, prepare position papers on various subjects as requested (e.g., The Bridge Plan for Nutritional and Life-Style Recommendations), maintain current bibliographies of relevant scientific literature and computerized search methodologies such as "Grateful Med" from the National Library of Medicine, develop standard glossaries, prepare curricula for training professionals in the field (e.g., we have developed an intensive one-week course for practicing physicians on Anti-Aging Medicine), compose business plans, write strategic position papers, compose joint letters to government agencies (NIH, FDA, etc.) -- although we are not very active in a political sense -- organize conferences, and present scientific papers (e.g., "The Primedia Conferences on Integrative Medicine and Age Management"), and occasionally go on "field trips," as a group, to visit particular laboratories of special interest, e.g., the Hansma DNA Lab at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

This website is updated on a monthly basis with the latest Topic and Speaker, Abstract, and References, Location and Directions, as well as Date and Time for our next meeting (See Meetings ).

Since we normally video tape these presentations, VHS copies of these tapes could available for purchase by those who may be interested. See Previous GRG Guest Speakers for further details.

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