Photo Gallery of Madame Jeanne-Louise Calment [1875 - 1997]

Jeanne Calment at age 20
At age 20

Jeanne Calment at age ~22
Daughter Yvonne

Jeanne Calment at age ~25
At age ~25

Jeanne Calment at age 40
At age 40

Jeanne Calment at age 60
At age 60

Jeanne Calment at age 112
At age 112

Jeanne Calment at age 113
At age 113

Jeanne Calment at age 116
At age 116

Jeanne Calment at age 117
At age 117

Jeanne Calment at age 119
At age 119

Jeanne Calment at age 120
At age ~120

Jeanne Calment at age 120
At age 120

Jeanne Calment at age 122
and lastly, again at age 122, at a French film shoot with a "clap board."

Editor's Note: Click on the last photo above to hear Madame Jeanne Calment speaking in her native language (which was French, of course). She begins with "Bonjour. Je m'appelle Jeanne Calment." (= "Hello. My name is Jeanne Calment"). Later, on the music CD, which we converted to MP3 format, she goes on to sing several songs. (The musical beat in the background was part of the recording session, and there appears to be a man with a Jamaican accent who introduces her in English, which seems rather curious to us, but we obtained the CD from one of our colleagues in The Netherlands without further explanation as to how, when, or why it was made. All he could tell us is that there was a French Language website for those who might like more information about how to purchase a copy.) Subsequently, Mr. Robert Young of Atlanta, Georgia provided this additional information... "The Audio CD Mistress of Time was made some time after Jeanne's 120th birthday but before her 121st birthday. It was intended as a fund raiser to buy vans for her nursing home. The CD was released at Jeanne's 121st birthday party. Although it was a hit with reporters (looking to report on the "World's Oldest Rapper"), the controversy that followed about the presumed commercial "exploitation" of a 120-year-old woman led to the resignation of her nursing-home director." Click on the last photo above to hear the music.