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as of Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Jiroemon Kimura, 116, World's Oldest Man

February 3, 2008; Mr. Stefan Gelow has sent us this picture of
Jiroemon Kimura
Mr. Jiroemon Kimura (木村次郎右衛門), born April 19, 1897, the second-oldest man in JAPAN.

June 22, 2009; Mr. Kimura is now the oldest man in Japan. Click on the photo below for more details.
Jiroemon Kimura .

Jiroemon Kimura, 113
April 19, 2010; Mr. Kimura is now at 113 the second oldest man in the world, since the death of Henry Allingham on July 18, 2009. Click on his photo above for more details from 47 News, providing you can read Japanese.

Jirouemon Kimura, 114
April 19, 2011; Jirouemon Kimura poses during his 114th birthday at his home in Kyotango, Western Japan. Click on his photo for more details from Associated Press. See more from Reuters and from The Guinness Book of World Records.

Jiroemon Kimura, 115
April 19, 2012; Mr. Kimura now at 115 years old is the oldest man in the world. Click on his photo above for more details from ABC News.

Jiroemon Kmura, 115, and Family
May 24, 2013; This photo shows 115-year-old Jiroemon Kimura (R) living with the 59-year-old Wife of his Grandson in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture on Dec. 9, 2012. Kimura held the world oldest title after the death of 115-year-old Dina Manfredini, who was born on April 4, 1897, and died on December 17, 2012. Kimura, who was born only 15 days after Manfredini, turned 115 years and 253 days old on December 28, 2012 to become the longest living male according to reliable records. The oldest man said the secret to his longevity is his "easygoing attitude." As of today Mr. Kimura is 116.

June 12, 2013; At approximately 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time in the eastern United States, on Tuesday, June 11, 2013, we learned that the current World's Oldest Person, Jiroemon Kimura, passed away at 2:08 AM Japan Standard Time, Wednesday, June 12, 2013. As the oldest verified man ever in recorded history, his lifespan was 116 years 54 days.

March 8, 2008; Few Supercentenarians are known for anything other than their exceptional longevity. The case of Austrian Mathematician
Leopold Vietoris, Ph.D.
Dr. Leopold Vietoris, Ph.D. born June 4, 1891 and died on April 9, 2002 at 110 years, 309 days, however, is an exception. His accomplishments can be found in Heinrich Reitberger, "Obituary: Leopold Vietoris [1891 - 2002]" Notices of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), Vol. 49, No. 10, pp. 1232-6 (November 2002).

March 16, 2010; Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University John McCarthy sent us this reference...
Leopold Vietoris, Ph.D.
Click on his photo above for five links to Prof. Vietoris's original contributions to mathematics.

March 22, 2008; We just received the first photo from Mr. Bart Versieck of Belgium and the last three photos from Mr. Robert Young of Atlanta, GA.
Sr. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, 110 Sr. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, 111 Sr. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, 111 Sr. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, 111
Sr. Daniel Guzman-Garcia, born February 6, 1897 in Colombia, is the first Supercentenarian to be validated from this country.

June 1, 2008; We are sad to report the Sr. Guzman-Garcia passed away of a hemorrhagic stroke on May 21, 2008 at age 111 years, 105 days.

June 17, 2008

Harry Patch, 109 Harry Patch, 111
Mr. Harry Patch of England turned 110 today. Harry, from Wells, in Somerset, born in 1898, is the last known surviving British veteran of the World War I trenches. This photo was taken on his 109th birthday.

July 25, 2008; We are sad to report that Mr. Patched died this morning around 9:00 AM GMT in Wells, Somerset, England at age 111 years, 38 days. Click on the second photo for details from the BBC News.

September 15, 2008

Mr. Walter Seward, 111
Mr. Walter Seward born October 13, 1896 died September 14, 2008 at age 111 years, 337 days. He graduated from both Rutgers and Harvard Universities.

October 6, 2008

Sr. Delfino Borroni, 110
Sr. Delfino Borroni was born on August. 23, 1898 and is now 110.

February 4, 2009; We are sad to report that Mr. Borroni passed away on October 26, 2008.

January 16, 2009

Aarne Arvonen
Aarne Arvonen (in the wheel chair) was born on in Finland on August 4, 1897 and passed away on January 1, 2009 at age 111 years, 150 days.

February 4, 2009

Antonio Fernandes de Castro, 111
Sr. Antonio Fernandes de Castro was born in Portugal on January 6, 1898 and has now reached the age of 111.

February 14, 2009

August Moreira de Oliveira, 112
Sr. Augustro Moreira de Oliveira was born in Portugal on October 6, 1896 and passed away on February 13, 2009 at age 112 years, 130 days. Click on the photo for more details (in Portuguese).

March 31, 2009

Hilliard Hudson, 110
Mr. Hilliard Hudson 110 yo, was born in Alabama on February 23, 1899.

November 6, 2009; We are sad to report that Mr. Hudson passed away today at age 110 years, 256 days.

John Campbell Ross, 110

John Ross, 110
June 2, 2009; Mr. John Ross was born in Australia on March 11, 1899 and died on June 3, 2009 at age 110 years, 84 days. Click on the photo above for more details.

Antonio Fernandes de Castro, 111, Oldest Person in Portugal

Antonio Fernandes de Castro, 111
June 23, 2009; Sr. Antonio de Castro was born in Portugal on January 6, 1898 and died on June 23, 2009 at age 111 years, 167 days. If you can read Portuguese, click on the photo above for more details.

Garland (Herb) Adiar, 111, World's Third Oldest Man

Garland Adair, 110
January 24, 2009

Mr. Garland Adair was born in Missouri on July 30, 1898 and has now reached 110.

Herb Adair, 111
July 30, 2009; The Crestview Home of Bethany, MO held a card shower for Mr. Herb Adair, who celebrated his 111th birthday today.

Garland Adair, 111
August 15, 2009; Mr. Adair is now 111.

Stanley Lucas, 110, Europe's Oldest Man

Stanley Lucas, 110
February 3, 2010; Mr. Stanley Lucas celebrated his 110th birthday in his home town of Bude, Cornwall surrounded by friends and family and his seventh card from the Queen. Click on his photo for more details from the Daily Mail.

Stanley Lucas, 110
June 25, 2010; We are sad to report that Mr. Lucas passed away on June 21st, at the age of 110 years and 157 days. Click on his photo above for more details from the Post Series.

James Sisnett, 110, of the British West Indies

James Sisnett 110 James Sisnett 110 James Sisnett 110
July 5, 2010; Mr. James Sisnett was born in Barbados (British West Indies) on February 22, 1900.

Zheng Ji, Chinese Biochemist, 110

July 29, 2010; Prof. Zheng Ji was born in China in 1900. At the age of 110, he has been called "the world's oldest living academic." Click on his photo for more details. Although the GRG has not yet posthumously validated his age, we believe that he passed away on July 29, 2010.

Jan Goossenaerts, 110

Jan Goossenaerts, 110 Jan Goossenaerts, 110

October 30, 2010; Mr. Jan Goossenaerts was born in Belgium on October 30, 1900. Messrs. Anthony Croes-Lacroix (L) and Bart Versieck (R), two of our GRG International Correspondents, are along side at an early birthday party. About 250 persons were in attendance, including the Mayor of the town and Belgium's Flemish Minister-President. Jan also received a letter from the King and Queen of Belgium. At least ten radio and TV reporters were also present to record the celebration of Europe's Oldest Man.

November 2, 2011; On the occasion of Jan's 111th Birthday.

March 22, 2012; We are sad to report that Mr. Goosseneaerts passed away yesterday at age 111 years, 143 days. If you can read Flemish (Dutch), click on his photo above for more details.

Tanekichi Onishi, 110

Tanekichi Tanekichi
October 31, 2010; Tanekichi Onishi was born in Japan on February 15, 1900 and currently lives in Hokkaido, Japan. The second photo was taken in February 2007 one week before his 107th birthday.

September 13, 2011; We are sad to report that Mr. Onishi passed away on September 11, 2011 at age 111 years 208 days.

Benjamin Franklin Anglin, 110

January 12, 2011; Mr. Benjamin Franklin Anglin was born in Kentucky on May 27, 1897 and died on July 15, 2007 at age 110 years, 49 days.

Frank Woodruff Buckles, 110

Frank Frank Frank Buckles, at age 107
February 28, 2011; Mr. Frank Buckles was born on February 1, 1901 and died yesterday at age 110 years, 26, days. Click on the first photo for his Wikipedia entry. Click on the second photo for an Obituary in the Los Angeles Times. Mr. Buckles was one of more than 4 million Americans who served during World War I; he drove ambulances in France and was later a civilian prisoner of war during Japan's invasion of the Philippines in WW- II. Click for those who may wish to donate to The Frank Buckles Legacy.

Claude Choules, 110, Oldest WW-I Veteran

Claude Choules,110
May 5, 2011; Our GRG Australian Correspondent, Prof. John McCormack, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences at La Trobe University in Melbourne AUSTRALIA informed us by way of Mr. Choules' Son, that Mr. Claude Choules passed away today. Click on the photo for more details of his life (although there is a misspelling of his last name).

July 25, 2011; Mr. Choules was born in England on March 3, 1901; he passed away in Australia on May 5, 2011 at age 110 years, 63 days.

Don Roberto Cervantes, 111

Don Roberto Cervantes,111
June 9, 2011; Sr. Cervantes celebrates his 111th birthday in Mexico City. He has not yet been validated.

Giovanni Ligato, 110

Giovani Ligato,110
June 23, 2011; Giovanni Ligato was born in Italy on February 18, 1901.

March 2, 2012; We are sad to report that Mr. Giovanni Ligato passed away today at age 111 years, 13 days.

Shelby Harris, 111

Shelby Harris,110
September 30, 2011; Mr. Shelby Harris was born in Indiana on March 31, 1901 and currently resides in Illinois. Click on his photo above for more details.

March 2, 2012; Mr. Shelby Harris is getting ready for his birthday. Click on his photo for details for the Quad Cities Press in Illinois.

July 25, 2012; We are sad to report that Mr. Shelby Harris passed away today at age 111 years, 116 days. Click for more details from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Zacharia D. Blackstone, 111

Zacharia D. Blackstone, 100
November 24, 2011; This 6-1/2"x10" B&W photograph is signed: "Greetings -- On my 100th birthday - - Z. D. Blackistone." This floral industry pioneer from Washington, D.C. is pictured holding carnations. His full name is actually "Zachariah Deminieu Blackistone, Jr." Both his Father and his Son shared the same name. His Son was a Colonel. Click on the photo above for a few more details.

Francisco Fernandez, 110

Francisco Fernandez at 109
December 4, 2011; Sr. Francisco Fernandez was born in Spain on July 24, 1901

December 10, 2011; If you read Spanish, click for two articles from the local newspaper - - Diario de León: (1) and (2).

September 11, 2012; We are sad to report that Sr. Francisco Fernandez passed away on September 7, 2012 at age 111 years, 45 days.

James F. McCoubrey, 110

James F. McCoubrey James F. McCoubrey and Natalie S. Coles, Phlebotomist
Dr. Coles and James F. McCoubrey Patricia Salveson and James F. McCoubrey
Thursday, December 29, 2011; 3:30 PM PST; Mr. James F. McCoubrey was born on September 13, 1901 in Saint John's, Newfoundland. He subsequently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and then to Cambridge, MA with his older brother Charles before moving to Walnut Creek, California. He enjoys a glass of good Scotch. The last photo shows Mr. McCoubrey with his daughter, Mrs. Patricia Salveson.

July 6, 2013; We received the sad news from the family that James Foster McCoubrey died Friday morning, July 5, 2013. At the time of his passing, he was recognized by Gerontology Research Group as the oldest validated living man in the world. He lived to 111 years 295 days old.

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