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as of July 13, 2014.

Bertha Harris, 112

Bertha Harris at age 108
Bertha Harris, 108

At age 111 (March 2013), bottom, with her grandson, Kirk Van Sickle, at top right
Bertha Harris, 111

January 3, 2014; Bertha Harris was born on January 3, 1902, in Adams County, Wisconsin, United States. She currently lives in Richardson, Dallas County, Texas, United States. She was confirmed living as of January 2, 2014.

Elisa de Iglesia-Alonso, 110

Elisa de Iglesia-Alonso at age 108
Elisa de Iglesia-Alonso, 108

January 4, 2014; Elisa de Iglesia-Alonso was born in Spain, originally claiming a June 1894 birth, but GRG-Spain Correspondents were able to locate her birth certificate showing her actual birth date of June 28, 1895. She lived to 110 years 273 days, passing away on March 28, 2006.

Kathleen Snavely, 111

Picture of Kathleen Snavely in 2000 (courtesy of Syracuse University Archives):
Kathleen Snavely, 98

NBC's Today Show's Willard Scott segment announcing Kathleen Snavely's 110th birthday:
Kathleen Snavely, 110

January 10, 2014; Kathleen Snavely was born in Feakle, County Clare, Ireland, on February 16, 1902 as Kathleen Hayes. She emigrated to United States to Syracuse, New York. She outlived her husbands, Roxie Rollins and Jesse Snavely. On January 8, 2014, at age of 111 years 326 days, based on total days lived (then 40,869 days), she surpassed Katherine Plunket (111 years 327 days; 40,868 days) as the oldest Irish-born person ever using the modern borders of Ireland. This record had lasted since 1932! Please note that Annie Scott, who was born in 1883 in what is now Northern Ireland, had died in Scotland in 1996, at 113 years old. Click on the article here that talks about Kathleen Snavely being the longest-lived person ever born in what is now the Republic of Ireland.

Lucia Madaria-Vesga, 111

A picture of Lucia Madaria-Vesga (possibly around age 109):
Lucia Madaria-Vesga

January 13, 2014; Lucia Madaria-Vesga was born December 13, 1894, in Miranda de Ebro, a city in the autonomous community of Castile and León (Spanish: Castilla y León), Spain. She passed away in Seville (Spanish: Sevilla), in the autonomous community of Andalusia (Spanish: Andalucía) on February 2, 2006, at age 111 years 51 days.

Masayo Ito, 111

Masayo Ito at age of 105:
Masayo Ito, 105

Masayo Ito at age of 111:
Masayo Ito, 111

January 14, 2014; Masayo Ito was born on October 1, 1902, in Japan. She is currently the oldest person of Miyagi Prefecture.

Gisela Metreweli, 110

Picture of Gisela Metreweli:
Gisela Metreweli

January 17, 2014; Gisela Metreweli was born in Landsberg, Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany, on October 10, 1893. She died on July 31, 2004, in Weichs, Free State of Bavaria, Germany at the age of 110 years 295 days.

Helene Andrea Nilsen, 110

Picture of Helene Andrea Nilsen at her 100th birthday:
Helene Andrea Nilsen

January 23, 2014; Helene Andrea Nilsen was born in Norway on April 7, 1901 and died in Drammen, Buskerud County, Norway, on October 31, 2011 as the oldest living Norwegian person. She lived to 110 years 207 days.

Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso, 110

Pictures of Adelaida González-Alonso at age 109 (in the second picture at right, she is the person seated at right):
Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso, 109 Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso, 109

Pictures of Adelaida González-Alonso at age 110:
Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso, 110

Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso, 110

January 26, 2014; Adelaida Gonzalez-Alonso was born in the municipality of Villadiego, province of Burgos, in the autonomous community of Castile and León (Spanish: Castilla y León), Spain on October 23, 1902. She has been confirmed to be living at the age of 111. She still resides in Villadiego, Burgos.

Gladys Hooper, 111

An available picture of Gladys Hooper at age of 105:
Gladys Hooper, 105

February 7, 2014; Gladys Hooper was born on January 18, 1903, in England, United Kingdom. She grew up in Rottingdean, a village in the ceremonial county of East Sussex, England. She currently lives in Ryde, a town on the island of Isle of Wight, a ceremonial county of England.

Aleksandra Dranka, 110

February 13, 2014; Aleksandra Dranka was born Aleksandra Pieta on October 3, 1903, in Harklowa, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, now Poland (this area was administrated by Austria-Hungary). Her family briefly emigrated to United States from 1905 to 1908 before returning back to Poland. She currently lives in her birth village, Harklowa.

From 1908, this is Aleksandra, at age 5 (left), with her younger siblings:
Aleksandra Dranka, 5

From 1928 wedding photo, Alexandra Dranka, 25 (left) and her husband, Michał Dranka, 24 (right):
Aleksandra Dranka, 25

From 1958, Aleksandra Dranka (55; seated far left), husband Michał (54; seated center), daughter Krystyna Dziedzic (28; seated far right), son Jan Dranka (21) and her grandson Piotr (1; front center):
Aleksandra Dranka, 55

From 2008, Aleksandra Dranka (105; center) with her daughter Krystyna Dziedzic (78; left) and son Jan Dranka (71; right):
Aleksandra Dranka, 105

From 2010, Aleksandra Dranka (107; center) with her daughter Krystyna Dziedzic (80; right) and brother, Teofil Pieta [1913-2013] (97; left):
Aleksandra Dranka, 107

From 2013, Aleksandra Dranka (110; center) with her daughter Krystyna Dziedzic (83; standing at left) reading congratulatory letter from Mr. Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland:
Aleksandra Dranka, 110

November 7, 2013; Aleksandra Dranka (110; left) with GRG-Poland Correspondent Wacław Jan Kroczek (right):
Aleksandra Dranka, 110 & Wacław Jan Kroczek

Lina Sansuini, 110

Picture of Lina Sansuini at her 110th birthday:
Lina Sansuini, 110

February 22, 2014; Lina Sansuini was born on September 9, 1902, in Galliera, which is in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. She died in Galliera on May 19, 2013, having lived 110 years 252 days.

Ethel Farrell, 111

February 25, 2014; Ethel Farrell was born on November 27, 1902, in Lucknow, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. She married twice in India, and then the family moved to Australia in 1948. She currently lives in the state of Victoria in Australia.

Picture of Ethel when she was 16 years old:
Ethel Farrell, 16

Picture of Ethel Farrell at her 110th birthday:
Ethel Farrell, 110

Jeanne Bournat, 111

Picture of Jeanne Bournat at her 110th birthday:
Jeanne Bournat, 110

March 3, 2014; Jeanne Bournat was born on January 22, 1903, in the commune of Crevant-Laveine, of Puy de Dôme department, in France. She has been confirmed to be living at the age of 111, and currently lives in the commune of Maringues (Puy de Dôme dept).

Vincenza Balassone-Colucci, 111

Picture of Vincenza Balassone-Colucci provided by the family:
Vincenza Balassone-Colucci

March 9, 2014; Vincenza Balassone-Colucci was born in the commune of Sulmona, Abruzzo region, in Italy on January 24, 1903 (according to Sulmona, Italy). The family celebrates her birthdays on January 23rd. She and her husband emigrated to the United States in 1929. She currently lives in Niagara Falls, New York, United States.

Mary Ellen Geaney, 110

Mary Ellen Geaney's 110th birthday photo in newspaper:
Mary Ellen Geaney, 110

March 12, 2014; Mary Ellen Geaney, known as "Ciss" Geaney, was born in the village of Ballyhooly, County Cork, Ireland. She believed her birthdate was January 6, 1886, but her birth record showed that she was born January 2, 1886. She never married and lived to be Ireland's oldest person, dying on April 5, 1996, at Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, at the age of 110 years 94 days.

Remei Company-Ventura, 111

Remei Company-Ventura's pictures at age 110:
Remei Company-Ventura, 110

Remei Company-Ventura, 110

March 24, 2014; Remei Company-Ventura was born on February 10, 1903, in Spain. Her ID document showed the birth date of February 2, 1903, but it was supposed to be based off her birth certificate. It was very likely that there was a typo when her first ID document was issued more than 50 years ago as her birth certificate shows that she was born February 10, 1903. She is confirmed living at the age of 111.

Elizabeth Delaney, 111

March 30, 2014; Elizabeth Delaney was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, on March 12, 1903. She currently lives in Sarasota, Florida, United States.

Pictures and articles of Elizabeth Delaney below courtesy of Herald-Tribune:

Her 110th birthday article here and picture of her below (at right) in 1912:
Elizabeth Delaney in 1912

Photo at her 110th birthday celebration:
Elizabeth Delaney, 110

Her 111th birthday article here and picture below (at left) with her grandson (at right):
Elizabeth Delaney, 111

Mary Spinner, 110

Picture of Mary Spinner from her obituary:
Mary Spinner

April 8, 2014; Mary Spinner was born on February 20, 1901, in Big Island, a census-designated place in Bedford County, Virginia, United States. She passed away on October 21, 2011, in the town of Bedford, Virginia, at the age of 110 years and 243 days.

Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 111

At age of 107:
Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 107

At 110th birthday party:
Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 110 Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 110 Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 110

At 111th birthday party:
Margherita Venzo-Rossi, 111

April 11, 2014; Margherita Venzo-Rossi was born on February 21, 1903, in Rossano Veneto, a town in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Italy. She lives in the town of Mossano, also of the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region.

Colombe Benoit-Leclerc, 111

Pictured at age 108:
Colombe Benoit-Leclerc, 108

Pictured at age 109:
Colombe Benoit-Leclerc, 109

Pictured at age 110:
Colombe Benoit-Leclerc, 110

April 18, 2014; Colombe Benoit-Leclerc was born as Colombe Benoît on February 5, 1903, in the former Granby Township, Quebec Province, Canada. She lives in the city of Quebec, Canada.

Velgjer Svien, 110

Picture of Velgjer Svien mentioned at her 102nd birthday, courtesy of Northfield (MN) Historical Society:

Velgjer Svien, 102

April 27, 2014; Velgjer Svien was born at Valdres, Norway, on October 10, 1842. She immigrated to the United States with her father and siblings in 1854. She died in Northfield, Minnesota, USA, on January 23, 1953 at the age of 110 years 105 days.

Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso, 111

Pictures of Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso at her 110th birthday celebration:

Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso, 110 Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso, 110

Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso, 110 Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso, 110

April 30, 2014; Maria-Giuseppa Robucci-Nargiso was born on March 20, 1903 in the comune of Poggio Imperiale, in the Apulia region of Italy. She resides in Apricena, Apulia region.

Orma Slack, 111

Orma Slack at age 109:

Orma Slack, 109

Orma Slack at age 110:

Orma Slack, 110 Orma Slack, 110

May 6, 2014; Orma Slack was born on February 19, 1903, in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. She lives in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Margaret Dolan, 111

Scanned newspaper photo of Margaret Dolan at age 106 (in 1999)

Margaret Dolan, 106

May 9, 2014; Margaret Dolan was born in the village of Corofin, County Galway, Ireland, on August 30, 1893, according to her birth record. She was reported in the news as being born July 27, 1893 but GRG used the August 30, 1893 actual birth date. She became Ireland's oldest living person, and she died on December 2, 2004, at the age of 111 years 94 days.

Susan Middleton, 111

Susan Middleton pictured in 2008:

Susan Middleton

May 18, 2014; Susan Middleton was born in Adams Run, South Carolina, United States, on February 19, 1898. The family was not certain of her birth year but believed that her birth year was 1896, according to this link. Based on our research and existing documentation, we have established that she was born in 1898. She died on November 2, 2009, at the age of 111 years 256 days (instead of age 113) in South Carolina.

Frieda Szwillus, 112

Frieda Szwillus at age 109:

Frieda Szwillus, 109

Frieda Szwillus at age 110:

Frieda Szwillus, 110 Frieda Szwillus, 110

May 22, 2014; Frieda Szwillus was born March 30, 1902 in Dessau, a city in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. She lives in the municipality of Raschau-Markersbach in Free State of Saxony, Germany.

Mayree Dougherty, 111

Mayree Dougherty at her 110th birthday:

Mayree Dougherty, 110

May 28, 2014; Mayree Dougherty was born in Carson, Cottonwood County, Minnesota, United States, on March 31, 1903. She currently lives in Lamar, Prowers County, Colorado.

Genevieve Huet, 110

May 31, 2014; Genevieve Huet (French: Geneviève Huet) was born in France on January 29, 1902. She lived in the commune of Saint-Raphaël, Var Department, France, before her death on February 21, 2012, at the age of 110 years 23 days.

Genevieve Huet at age of 109:

Genevieve Huet, 109

Johanna Klink, 111

Johanna Klink (on left) at age of 110:

Johanna Klink, 110

June 9, 2014; Johanna Klink was born in Siemianowitz, Germany (now Siemianowice Śląskie, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland) on January 17, 1903. She currently lives in Oschatz, in the Free State of Saxony, Germany.

Catherine Lawrence, 110

June 12, 2014; Catherine Lawrence, known as Sister Madeleine during her adult life, was born in Victoria, Australia, on December 8, 1902. She lived in the town of Young, New South Wales, Australia, before her death on June 16, 2013, at the age of 110 years 190 days.

Sister Madeleine at age of 109:

Catherine Lawrence, 109

Sister Madeleine at age of 110:

Catherine Lawrence, 110

Lela Burden, 111

Lela Burden when younger:

Lela Burden (younger) Lela Burden (woman)

Lela Burden at age 110:

Lela Burden, 110 Lela Burden, 110

Lela Burden at age 111:

Lela Burden, 111

June 18, 2014; Lela Burden was born in Northampton County, Virginia, United States. She grew up and lives in Norfolk, Virginia, and she just received a honorary high school diploma on June 17, 2014 as a 111-year-old.

Philomene Courbon, 111

June 21, 2014; Philomene Courbon (French: Philomène Courbon) was born on September 15, 1900, in the commune of Saint-Just-Malmont, Haute-Loire department, France. She died on February 15, 2012, in the commune of Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, Loire Department, at the age of 111 years 153 days.

Philomène Courbon at age 111:

Philomene Courbon, 111

Jewell Stehlik, 111

Photo provided in Jewell Stehlik's obituary:

Jewell Stehlik

Sherri Snider (right), administrator at The Baptist Home, in Ironton, Missouri, interviewed Jewell Stehlik (left) on Oct. 23, 2009 at her 110th birthday celebration:

Jewell Stehlik, 110

Sherri Snider (right), administrator at The Baptist Home in Ironton, Missouri, interviewed Jewell Stehlik (left) on her 111th birthday on Oct. 25, 2010:

Jewell Stehlik, 111

June 27, 2014; Jewell Stehlik was born as Jewell Jones in Cave Springs, Elk County, Kansas, United States. She died on July 26, 2011, in Ironton, Iron County, Missouri, at the age of 111 years 274 days.

Margarete Ottmann, 111

Margarete Ottmann (center) at her 103th birthday celebration, named the oldest citizen of Landkreis Amberg-Sulzbach, accompanied by (from left) Armin Nentwig (member of a local Landrat), Winfried Franz (mayor), Tina Nentwig and her son Erhard Ottmann:

Jewell Stehlik

Margarete Ottmann (right) accompanied with her grandson Gerhard Ottmann (left). Picture taken on Feb. 23, 2014 at the day of her 111th birthday:

Jewell Stehlik

June 30, 2014: Margarete Ottmann was born on February 23, 1903 in Jernau, Germany (now Jaroniów, district of Baborów, Opole Voivodeship, Poland). She currently resides in Neukirchen bei Sulzbach in the Free State of Bavaria, Germany.

Gertrude Weaver, 116

July 4, 2014; Mrs. Gertrude Weaver was born as Gertrude Gaines in Lafayette County, Arkansas, near the Red River, between Lewisville and Garland, in southwestern Arkansas, close to the Texas and Louisiana borders. The United States decennial censuses of 1900 and 1910 showed her as living in Steel township (it was listed as "Steele" in the old census records but now it's "Steel"), in Lafayette County. She married her husband, Gennie Weaver (1896-1969), in Ouachita County, Arkansas on July 18, 1915. In the 1920 and 1930 censuses, Mrs. Weaver was living with her husband, Gennie, in Smackover, Union County, Arkansas, a small town south of Camden, Ouachita County, Arkansas. She was recorded in the 1940 census, in Camden, Arkansas. In the 1940s Ms. Weaver moved to Huntington Park, California, where she lived with her son for several decades. In recent years, Mrs. Gertrude Weaver returned to Arkansas and resides today in Camden, Arkansas.

Gertrude Weaver in June 2009:

Gertrude Weaver in June 2009

Gertrude Weaver (at age 112, left; at age 113, right):

Gertrude Weaver, 112 Gertrude Weaver, 113

Gertrude Weaver (at age 114, left; at age 115, right):

Gertrude Weaver, 114 Gertrude Weaver, 115

Gertrude Weaver on July 3, 2014, with her 93-year-old son, Joe Weaver:

Gertrude Weaver & son, Joe Weaver

Gertrude Weaver (at age 116, left; her plaque from GRG at right):

Gertrude Weaver, 116 Gertrude Weaver's GRG plaque

If you haven't done so, you can view the GRG's announcement of Mrs. Gertrude Weaver as the Oldest Living American here.

Maria Diaz, 113

Pictures of Maria Diaz on her 113th birthday:

Maria Diaz, 113

Maria Diaz, 113

July 7, 2014; Maria Diaz was born on February 22, 1898, in Sidi Bel Abbès, capital of the Sidi Bel Abbès wilaya, Algeria, then an overseas territory of France, located on the northern Africa continent. She died in Le Port, Réunion, a French island located in the Indian Ocean, on October 29, 2011, at the age of 113 years 249 days.

Shige Kitagawa, 111

Shige Kitagawa at age 110:

Shige Kitagawa, 110

July 10, 2014; Shige Kitagawa was born on April 15, 1903, in Japan. She has been the oldest person of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, since October 25, 2012.

Margaret Bly, 110

Margaret Bly in the 1940s:

Margaret Bly in the 1940s

July 13, 2014; Margaret Bly was born on June 28, 1894, in County Donegal, Ireland (then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland). She came to the United States at the age of six and lived in Revere, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, for most of her life. She passed away on August 4, 2004, at the age of 110 years 37 days, in Revere, Massachusetts.

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