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Jun Kitamasu, 113

Jun Kitamasu

At age 112 (September 2012)
Jun Kitamasu, 112

August 2, 2013; Jun Kitamasu was born on March 2, 1900, in Japan. We only learned about her upon the death of Mitsue Nagasaki, the previous oldest person of Hiroshima Prefecture, on June 17, 2013. Unfortunately, we did not have Jun Kitamasu's full birth date until after her own death on July 11, 2013. She was living in the town of Osakikamijima in Hiroshima Prefecture. She lived to 113 years, 131 days old, and at the time of her death, she was the 9th oldest known living verified person.

Annita Bonandi-Azzini, 110

Undated photos of Annita Bonandi-Azzini
Annita Bonandi-Azzini Annita Bonandi-Azzini

At age 108
Annita Bonandi-Azzini, 108

August 4, 2013; Annita Bonandi-Azzini was born on May 12, 1902 in the comune of Casalmoro, province of Mantua, in the Lombardy region of Italy. She died on November 19, 2012, in the comune of Pianoro, province of Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. She lived to 110 years 191 days.

Blanche Cobb, 112

At age 110
Blanche Cobb, 110

At age 112
Blanche Cobb, 112

August 12, 2013; Blanche Cobb was born on September 8, 1900 in Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia, USA. She married Johnnie Cobb, Jr. in 1920. She lives in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida, USA.

Ramona Agudin-Fernandez, 110

Pictured (second from left) with King Juan Carlos of Spain (first from left) on April 17, 1979 at the age of 109 years old
Ramona Agudin-Fernandez, 109

At age 110
Ramona Agudin-Fernandez, 110

August 14, 2013; Ramona Agudin-Fernandez was born on March 9, 1870 in Spain, and passed away as the oldest living person in Spain on January 12, 1981, living to the age of 110 years 309 days.

Olympe Amaury, 112

August 16, 2013; Olympe Amaury was validated by Gerontology Research Group on January 10, 2012. Olympe Vignel was born in Tracy sur Loire, Nièvre Department, France, on June 19, 1901. She married Gaspard Bernard Amaury in Tracy sur Loire on May 31, 1924. She lives in Amilly, Loiret Department, France. She is currently France's oldest person.

Pictured (center) at her 111th birthday with her son, Claude (right of her; her left)
Olympe Amaury, 111

Pictured (right) at age of 112 after the death of the previous oldest French person, Mrs. Suzanne Burrier, with her son Claude (left). Olympe Amaury, 112

Esther Ecklund, 111

Pictured (right) with her great-grandson, James "Jimmy" Ecklund (left)
Esther Ecklund, 111

Pictured (left) with Natalie Coles, phlebotomist, on right (Dr. Coles's wife)
Esther Ecklund with Natalie Coles

August 16, 2013: Esther Ecklund was born October 28, 1901, as Ester Linnéa Ingeborg Fagerström, in Norra Sandsjö, Jönköping County (Län), Sweden. She emigrated to the United States on April 16, 1913 and settled in Chautauqua County, New York. She married Aleck Ecklund, a Swedish, on December 14, 1921 in Frewsburg, Chautauqua County, New York. She lives in Long Beach, California.

March 13, 2014: GRG was informed by the family that Esther Ecklund passed away yesterday in California. She lived to 112 years 135 days.

Marie Grosclaude, 110

Courtesy of Laurent Toussaint (picture sent in 2006):
Marie Grosclaude, 110

August 23, 2013: Marie Grosclaude was born October 15, 1897, as Marie Gabrielle Emilie Grosclaude in Villette, Jura Department, France. She was the daughter of François Stéphane Grosclaude and Jeanne Eugénie Marie Clair. She never married, and lived most of her life in Colombier, Côte-d'Or Department, France. She died on December 20, 2007, in Arnay-le-Duc, Côte-d'Or Department at the age of 110 years 66 days.

Myrtle Clifton, 111

August 27, 2013: Myrtle Clifton was born November 19, 1902, near Milford, Sussex County, Delaware, United States, as Mayme Myrtle Clifton, daughter of John Clifton and Laura Jones. She never married, and worked in Philadelphia before returning back to Delaware. She currently lives in Greenville, Delaware.

November 26, 2013: Gerontology Research Group appreciates seeing the regularly-updated pictures of Myrtle Clifton at this business website of Peaches and Pups where Myrtle Clifton has been mentioned at the bottom of that page.

Myrtle Clifton (center) in this undated photo:
Myrtle Clifton

Myrtle Clifton (center) on her 110th birthday:
Myrtle Clifton, 110

Myrtle Clifton (center) on September 29, 2013:
Myrtle Clifton, 110

Myrtle Clifton on her 111th birthday:
Myrtle Clifton, 111

Yone Tsukiyama, 110

At age 108
Yone Tsukiyama, 108

At age 109 in September 2011
Yone Tsukiyama, 109

August 28, 2013: Yone Tsukiyama was born November 1, 1901, in Japan. She was the oldest person of Wakayama prefecture before her death on April 24, 2012, at the age of 110 years 175 days.

Rosa Pesce-Patrono, 110

On her 110th birthday (at right)
Rosa Pesce-Patrono, 110

September 4, 2013: Rosa Pesce-Patrono was born September 12, 1902, in Castelnuovo di Ceva, Piedmont region, Italy. She currently lives in the same village.

Dora McRae, 111

Pictured provided by the family
Dora McRae
Dora McRae

September 9, 2013: Dora McRae was born August 29, 1899, as Dora Swyers, in New Mexico, United States. She married Grady S. McRae on December 2, 1916 in Arizona. She died on September 26, 2010, in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland. She lived to 111 years 28 days.

Masayo Okamoto, 111

September 10, 2013: Gerontology Research Group learned that Masayo Okamoto, the oldest person in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, passed away on September 7, 2013. She was on Table E as a validated living case. She was born on September 21, 1901, so she died exactly two weeks before her 112th birthday.

Pictured at age 111 in December 2012
Masayo Okamoto, 111

Marie Audy, 110

Marie Audy

September 13, 2013: Marie Audy was born March 29, 1899, as Marie Jailon, in Saint-Pantaly-d'Ans, Dordogne Department, France. She died on November 24, 2009, in the same department at the age of 110 years 241 days.

Ruth Engstrom, 111

At her 110th birthday
Ruth Engstrom, 110

Ruth Engstrom, 110

September 23, 2013: Ruth Engstrom (Ruth Engström) was born September 23, 1902, in Nybro in the historical province of Småland (Kalmar County) of Sweden. She lives in Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

Carrie Walker, 110

September 2007 at age of 107
Carrie Walker, 107

At age 108 (2nd article here)
Carrie Walker, 108

Nearing her 110th birthday
Carrie Walker, 109

September 26, 2013: Carrie Walker was born near the town of Burgaw, Pender County, North Carolina, United States, on September 30, 1900 to her mother, Julia Herring. She was raised by her grandmother, Rachel Herring, and her uncle & aunt, Arthur & Annie (Walker) Herring. Carrie Etta Herring married Joel Walker, her aunt's brother, on May 20, 1917, and they had seventeen children. Thirteen lived to adulthood, and nine were still living when their mother, Carrie Herring Walker, died on January 8, 2011, in Pender County, North Carolina at the age of 110 years 100 days old.

Dorothy Peel, 111

At 110th birthday
Dorothy Peel, 110

At 111th birthday
Dorothy Peel, 111

October 1, 2013: Dorothy Peel was born on September 28, 1902, in the village of Alne in North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. She married Freddie Peel after his retirement. She currently lives in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Helen Lettinga, 110

Helen Lettinga

Nearing her 109th birthday (Photo by Katie Greene, The Grand Rapids Press)
Helen Lettinga, 109

Nearing her 110th birthday (Photo by Emily Zoladz, The Grand Rapids Press)
Helen Lettinga, 110

October 4, 2013: Helen Lettinga was born on February 6, 1903, in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, United States. She married Fred Lettinga in 1924 and they had two daughters. She still lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mary Elizabeth Will, 113

Various pictures found online for Mrs. Elizabeth Will (they all may be of her at different times at age 111):

Elizabeth Will Elizabeth Will Elizabeth Will

October 21, 2013: Mary Elizabeth Will was born as Mary Elizabeth Bundy on October 15, 1900, in Monroe, Union County, North Carolina, United States, to S. B. Bundy & Elizabeth Stewart Bundy. She traveled a lot and did not get married until 1941 to Victor Herbert Will. She lives in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and she has been confirmed to have celebrated her 113th birthday.

Florence Pittaway, 111

At her 110th birthday:
Florence Pittaway, 110

In July 2013 (at age 110):
Florence Pittaway, 110

At her 111th birthday:
Florence Pittaway, 111

October 27, 2013: Florence Pittaway was born on October 15, 1902, in the region of West Midlands, England, United Kingdom. She was brought up in Bordesley Green, lived most of her life in Perry Common, and now lives in Erdington; all of West Midlands region.

Ora Holland, 112

Near 109th birthday:
Ora Holland, 109

At her 110th birthday being shown with great-nephew, then 7, Skyler Reed (2003-2011) at far right:
Ora Holland, 110

Two days before her actual 111th birthday (second from right, standing):
Ora Holland, 111 Ora Holland, 111

Two days before her actual 112th birthday:
Ora Holland, 112 Ora Holland, 112

October 30, 2013: Ora Holland was born on December 24, 1900, as Ora E. Reed, in Rosebud, Gasconade County, Missouri, United States. She married Thomas R. Holland in 1923. In the past year, she moved from her home to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to an assisted living center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Teruko Sugimoto, 110

November 1, 2013: Teruko Sugimoto (杉本暉子) was born on February 27, 1902, in Japan. She became the oldest person in Tottori prefecture, Japan, on August 7, 2010, until her own death on December 15, 2012 at the age of 110 years 292 days.

At 109th birthday
Teruko Sugimoto, 109

At age 110
Teruko Sugimoto, 110 Teruko Sugimoto, 110

Egbertje ​Leutscher-de Vries, 111

November 4, 2013: Egbertje ​Leutscher-de Vries was born on October 22, 1902, in the town of Uffelte in the province of Drenthe in Netherlands. She currently lives in the village of Havelte in the same Drenthe province.

Photo taken in June 2012, when Egbertje became the oldest woman in the Netherlands at the age of 109:
Egbertje ​Leutscher-de Vries, 109

At her 110th birthday
Egbertje ​Leutscher-de Vries, 110

Egbertje (right) is pictured together with her 101-year-old brother Roelof de Vries (left) in March 2013 during the opening ceremony of a building in their town.
Egbertje and Roelof de Vries

At her 111th birthday
Egbertje ​Leutscher-de Vries, 111

Eudoxie Baboul, 112

November 7, 2013: Eudoxie Baboul was born on October 1, 1901, in French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. She currently lives in the commune of Matoury, a suburb of Cayenne, the capital city of French Guiana.

At age 110
Eudoxie Baboul, 110

At age 112
Eudoxie Baboul, 112

Vi Robbins, 111

November 10, 2013: Vi Robbins was born on February 28, 1902, in Australia. She spent most of her life in Coogee, a suburb of City of Randwick, New South Wales, Australia. She currently lives in City of Randwick.

At age 107:
Vi Robbins, 107

Undated photos:
Vi Robbins
Vi Robbins

Elspeth Wood, 110

Photos provided by her 110th birthday article:

As a young lady:
Elspeth Wood, young

Around 110th birthday:
Elspeth Wood, 110

November 13, 2013: Elspeth Wood, known as Marion, was born on February 18, 1899, in Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom. She married Herbert Wood in 1928, and she died in Harrow, London Borough of Harrow, United Kingdom on May 22, 2009 at the age of 110 years 93 days.

Veronique Louis-Sidney, 110

At age of 107:
Veronique Louis-Sidney, 107

At age of 109:
Veronique Louis-Sidney, 109

November 25, 2013: Veronique Louis-Sidney was born as Véronique Esther Bernadine on June 23, 1900, in Martinique, an island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Martinique is an overseas region (and department) of France. She died in the comune (town) of Rivière-Salée, Martinique, on August 13, 2010, at the age of 110 years 51 days.

Adea Pellerin-Cormier, 112

Pictures from age of 105 when she was featured in a short video:
Adea Pellerin-Cormier, 105

Adea Pellerin-Cormier, 105

December 5, 2013: Adea Pellerin-Cormier (French: Adéa Pellerin-Cormier) was born on September 11, 1901, in Grand-Digue (French: Grande-Digue), Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada. She lives in St. Anthony (French: Saint-Antoine), Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada. She is currently believed to be the 3rd oldest living Canadian at this time.

Mary McGowan, 110

Picture of Mary McGowan at age of 107:
Mary McGowan, 107

December 20, 2013: Mary McGowan was born on February 17, 1900, in Dunmore, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, United States. Her family moved to North Dakota, and then she moved to Chicago, Illinois. She passed away on September 2, 2010, in Niles, Cook County, Illinois at the age of 110 years 197 days.

Florence Johnson, 110

December 30, 2013: Florence Johnson was born on July 18, 1897, in Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota, United States. Never married, she lived to 110 years 121 days before dying in her birth place of Aberdeen. Please click here for an article about her when she was 109 years old.

The picture below is from the same newspaper article above (Turtle Mountain Star, April 16, 2007):
Florence Johnson, 109

Hana Saito, 111

Picture of Hana Saito at age of 109:
Hana Saito, 109

Picture of Hana Saito at age of 110:
Hana Saito, 110

December 31, 2013: Hana Saito was born on March 10, 1902, in Japan. At her death on March 29, 2013, she was the oldest person of Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She lived to 111 years 19 days.

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