Women Supercentenarian Photos (Cont'd.) File No. 11 of 15 for the years 2012-2013,
as of March 6, 2014.

Marietta Capizzi, 112

Marietta Capizzi, 111
October 28, 2012; Marietta Capizzi was born in ITALY on January 30, 1901 and presently resides on Long Island in New York.

November 12, 2013; We are sad to report that Mrs. Marietta Capizzi passed away on November 10, 2013 at age 112 years 284 days.

Fanny Godin, 111

Franny Godin
November 7, 2012; Fanny Godin was born in Belgium on May 27, 1902.

Fanny Godin, 114 Flowers
May 27, 2013; Fanny Godin celebrated her 111th birthday today. If you can read French, click on the first photo for more details. Accompanying her are two of our Belgian Correspondents: Messrs. Anthony Croes- Lacroix (L) and Peter Vermaelen (R).

Mary Phelps, 112

Mary Phelps
November 14, 2012; Ms. Mary Phelps was born in Pennsylvania on August 5, 1900. She now resides in Ohio where she has lived for many years. Click on her photo for more details.

November 24, 2012; We are sad to report that Mrs. Mary Phelps passed away on November 19, 2012 at age 112 years 106 days.

María Marcote Boullosa, 110

Maria Boullosa
November 17, 2012; María Marcote Boullosa was born in SPAIN on September 28, 1901 and passed away on October 4, 2011 at age 110 years, 6 days.

Maria-Giovanna Giudice-Piatti, 110

Maria-Giovanna Giudice-Piatti, 110
November 27, 2012; Maria-Giovanna Giudice-Piatti was born in Italy on September 28, 1901 and passed away on April 25, 2012 at age 110 years, 210 days.

Goldie Steinberg, 112

Goldie Steinberg, 109 Goldie Steinberg, 110
November 30, 2012; Goldie Steinberg was born in Russia (now Moldova) on October 30, 1900. She now lives in Long Beach, NY on Long Island.

Goldie Steinberg, 112
The picture above was taken at her belated 112th birthday party on January 13, 2013. (SOURCE: Grandell Rehabilitation & Nursing Center)

Filomena Aran-Franquet, 111

Filomena Aran-Franquet, 111
December 14, 2012; Filomena Aran-Franquet was born in Spain on May 4, 1888 and passed away on August 9, 1999 at age 111 years, 97 days.

Dorothy Baldwin, 110

Dorothy Baldwin, 110
January 16, 2013; Dorothy Baldwin was born in Carrington, Nottingham, England on February 8, 1902. She lives in Bulwell, Nottingham, England.

Kameno Nosaka, 111

Kameno Nosaka
January 27, 2013; Kameno Nosaka was born November 4, 1901. She lives in Setagawa Ward of Tokyo, Japan.

Irénise Moulonguet, 112

Irénise Moulonguet
January 30, 2013; Irénise Moulonguet was born November 6, 1900 at Basse Pointe in Martinique, an island and an overseas region of France in the Caribbean Sea. She lived and got married in French Guiana, also an overseas region of France on the North Altantic coast of South America. She returned back to Martinique and resides there.

May 29, 2013; We are saddened to learn about Irénise Moulonguet's passing yesterday, May 28, 2013, at the age of 112 years 203 days.

Marie-Josephine Gaudette, 110

Sister Gaudette Sister Gaudette

Sister Gaudette, 110
February 7, 2013; Marie-Josephine Gaudette, known as Sister Cecilia, was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States, on March 25, 1902. She lived in Canada and France before settling in Italy in 1958. She currently lives in Rome, Lazio, Italy, at the convent named "Convento di Gesù e Maria" (in English, "Convent of Jesus and Mary").

Madeleine Savoie, 110

Madeleine Savoie
February 12, 2013; Madeleine Savoie was born November 1, 1899, in Caraquet, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada. She married Joseph Savoie on September 20, 1949. She passed away on January 24, 2010, in Tracadie-Sheila, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Sumie Kawamura, 111

Sumie Kawamura, 110
February 13, 2013; Sumie Kawamura was born February 8, 1902. She currently lives in the town of Minabe of Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.

March 3, 2013; We learned that Sumie Kawamura has died on March 2, 2013. She finishes at 111 years, 22 days.

Denise Fétrot, 110

Denise Fétrot, 110
February 25, 2013; Denise Fétrot was born January 27, 1898 in Résigny (Aisnes Department). She married Gustave Fétrot on November 8, 1919. She passed away on July 15, 2008, in Liart (Ardennes Department), at the age of 110 years 170 days.

Misao Okawa, 116

February 28, 2013; Misao Okawa (Japanese: 大川ミサヲ) was born in Japan on March 5, 1898. The Guinness Book of World Records has now recognized her with a World Record Certificate as The World's Oldest Woman.

Misao Okawa, 114

Pictures of her 115th birthday in 2013:
Misao Okawa, 115 Misao Okawa, 115

March 6, 2014; Misao Okawa had become the World's Oldest Person after the death of 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura, also of Japan, on June 12, 2013. Yesterday, March 5, 2014, she celebrated her 116th birthday:
Misao Okawa, 116 Misao Okawa, 116

Kitty Sawyer, 111

Kitty Sawyer, 111
March 7, 2013; Kitty Sawyer was born in London in 1901 and lived in Chase City, Virginia. She passed away at age 111 yo on March 5, 2013. Although she was not validated by the GRG during her lifetime, we expect to validate her posthumously, as her name was already on Table EE of Pending Cases. Click on her photo for more details from the South Hill Enterprise.

Sukino Tamai, 111

Sukino Tamai, 109
March 19, 2013; Sukino Tamai was born in Japan on March 9, 1902 and lives in Kobe City, which is the capital city of Hyōgo Prefecture. The picture was apparently taken when she was 109 years old.

Émilienne Bain, 110

Émilienne Bain, 110
March 24, 2013; Émilienne Bain was born on March 2, 1902 in Marigny-Brizay (Vienne dept). She married André Elie Bain in Chauvigny (Vienne dept) on March 6, 1922. She died on April 22, 2012 in Chauvigny, at the age of 110 years 51 days.

Edna New, 111

March 31, 2013; Edna New was born on October 12, 1899 in Beverly, Massachusetts, United States. She died on June 23, 2011, in Gloucester, Massachusetts, at the age of 111 years 254 days. She married Arthur F. New, Sr. and had one son, Arthur F. New, Jr., who predeceased her in 2010. She loved Frito-Lay potato chips. The pictures below are from Gloucester Times, each from her 110th and 111th birthday party, respectively. Click on each picture to see the corresponding articles.
Edna New, 110 Edna New, 111

This picture below by Salem Patch was taken sometime in November 2010 at age of 111.
Edna New, 111

Takeno Sakata, 110

Takeno Sakata, 102
At age 102

Takeno Sakata, 104
At age 104

Takeno Sakata, 108
At age 108

April 4, 2013; Takeno Sakata was born on December 28, 1901 in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. She died on March 24, 2012 in the town of Hinokage, Miyazaki Prefecture, at the age of 110 years 87 days.

Carmen Romero-Rodriguez, 111

Carmen Romero-Rodriguez, 110
At her 110th birthday

Carmen Romero-Rodriguez, 111
At her 111th birthday

April 7, 2013; Carmen Romero-Rodriguez was born August 27, 1895 in Villanueva de Córdoba. She was a lifelong resident there and died on April 8, 2007 at the age of 111 years 224 days.

Ida Schlesinger, 110

Ida Schlesinger, 110
At age 110

April 8, 2013; Ida Schlesinger was born November 7, 1902 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States. She currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Marguerite Conrad, 111

April 10, 2013; Marguerite Conrad was born March 15, 1902 in Paris, France. Mrs. Marguerite Conrad is known by her birth name (she is the widow of Mr. Paul Munery). She currently lives at Les Abondances in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine dpt).

Marguerite Conrad, 105
At age 105

The pictures below are from her 108th and 109th birthday parties (from left to right).
Marguerite Conrad, 108 Marguerite Conrad, 109

Marguerite Conrad, 110
The 110th birthday party was in May 2012.

Marguerite Conrad, 111
At her 111th birthday party

Frances Little, 110

Frances Little

April 30, 2013; Frances Little was born as Mary Frances Stotts on January 15, 1900, in Appleton, Swift County, Minnesota, USA. She married Homer DeWillis Little on August 17, 1927. She passed away on November 7, 2010, in Appleton, Minnesota. She lived to 110 years 296 days old.

Else Assmann, 110

Else Aßmann, 110
At her 110th birthday in February 2012; as 4 years old girl in 1906

Else Aßmann, 110
In May 2012

May 4, 2013; Else Assmann (Else Aßmann) was born as Else Berta Anna Kaiser on February 18, 1902 in Glashütte (Baruth, Brandenburg in today Germany). She married Paul Arthur Erich Assmann (Aßmann) on September 21, 1925. She passed away 3 days before her 111th birthday on February 15, 2013 (110 years 363 days).

Tsuru Kamori, 110

Tsuru Kamori, 108
At age 108 in December 2009

At age 109 in August 2010 on left; plague from November 2009 at right
Tsuru Kamori, 109 Tsuru Kamori, 109

Tsuru Kamori, 109
At age 109 in September 2010

May 10, 2013; Tsuru Kamori was born on January 30, 1901 in Japan. She passed away on May 8, 2011, in Nerima Ward of Tokyo, Japan, at the age of 110 years 98 days.

Alba Benatti-Togni, 111

Alba Benatti-Togni Alba Benatti-Togni

May 22, 2013; Alba Benatti-Togni was born on March 21, 1902, in Quistello, Lombardy Region, Italy. Quistello later divided so her commune of birth is currently San Giacomo delle Segnate. She married Aurelio Luigi Cassiano Togni on February 7, 1948 in the commune of Le Blanc-Mesnil, a suburb of Paris, France (in Seine-Saint-Denis Department). She currently resides at the Gaston Monmousseau retirement home in Le Blanc-Mesnil.

August 2, 2013; The GRG-Italy Correspondent was informed by a journalist that Alba Benatti-Togni had passed away on August 1, 2013 in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France. She lived to 111 years and 133 days.

Helen Wheat, 110

May 27, 2013; Helen Wheat was born on September 16, 1902, in York, York County, Pennsylvania, United States. She first married to Harvey Naylor then to William Wheat. She moved from York, Pennsylvania, to Frederick, Maryland a few years ago and lives in Frederick now.

Taken one month before becoming 106 years old:
Helen Wheat, 105

At age of 108:
Helen Wheat, 108 Helen Wheat, 108

The 2 pictures below are of five generations of Helen Wheat's family (apparently taken in 2009 and 2010, respectively):
Helen Wheat and family 2009 Helen Wheat and family 2010

At her 110th birthday party before her actual birthday, she is pictured with her 3 children:
Helen Wheat, 110

A picture at age of 110:
Helen Wheat, 110

On her 111th birthday:
Helen Wheat, 111

Antonia Gerena Rivera, 113

May 28, 2013; Antonia Gerena Rivera, originally from Puerto Rico, now of Florida, United States, just turned 113 years old on May 19, 2013.

Previous pictures of Antonia Gerena Rivera:
Antonia Gerena Rivera Antonia Gerena Rivera Antonia Gerena Rivera
Antonia Gerena Rivera Antonia Gerena Rivera

Picture below was taken on May 28, 2013, at the age of 113:
Antonia Gerena Rivera, 113

Sotomi Hara, 110

At age of 110:
Sotomi Hara, 110

May 29, 2013; Sotomi Hara was born on June 7, 1902, in Japan. She lives in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Maria Dolores Ferreira, 110

At age of 110:
Maria Dolores Ferreira, 110

June 1, 2013; Maria Dolores Ferreira was born on July 22, 1902, in Parish of Sequeade, Municipality of Barcelos, Portugal. She was the daughter of Jose Ferreira da Rocha and Luísa da Silva Gomes. She married Josué Aires Lopes on April 27, 1923. Her husband died in 1948. She lives in Parish of Encourados, Municipality of Barcelos, Portugal.

Jennie Fanshier, 110

Jennie Fanshier

June 4, 2013; Jennie Fanshier was born on January 26, 1900, in Olmitz, Barton County, Kansas, United States. She married John Henry Fanshier on January 4, 1921, in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas. She died on May 16, 2010, in Great Bend, Barton County, Kansas.

Soto Yamamoto, 111

Soto Yamamoto, 110

June 14, 2013; Soto Yamamoto was born on April 10, 1901, in Japan. She passed away in Ishikawa Prefecture on September 17, 2012, reaching the age of 111 years 160 days.

Giuseppina Projetto-Frau, 111

Giuseppina Projetto-Frau

June 21, 2013; Giuseppina Projetto-Frau was born on May 30, 1902, in the comune of La Maddalena, an island off the island of Sardinia, Italy. She lives in the comune of Montelupo Fiorentino in Tuscany region of Italy.

Emma Otis, 111

At her 109th and 110th birthdays:
Emma Otis, 109 Emma Otis, 110

Submitted from the family at the age of 111:
Emma Otis, 111

June 25, 2013; Emma Otis was born Emma Gustava Erickson on October 22, 1901, in Black Diamond, King County, Washington, USA. She married Robin E. "Bob" Otis, Sr., on January 5, 1921. She lives in Poulsbo, Kitsap County, Washington.

August 16, 2013; Emma Otis's great-granddaughter, Courtney Adkins, submits the following pictures of Emma Otis's 111th birthday on October 22, 2012:

Emma Otis, 111

Emma Otis with Courtney Adkins

Julia Fournier-Cuadros, 110

At her 110th birthday:
Julia Fournier-Cuadros, 110

July 1, 2013; Julia Fournier-Cuadros was born in Barcelona, Spain, on November 9, 1897. Her father, Julio Fournier Touchard, was born in Barcelona to French parents; he lived to 92 years old. Julia married Luis Balcells in Barcelona on June 5, 1931. She died on June 30, 2008 in Barcelona at the age of 110 years 234 days.

Zeta Wittman, 110

Zeta Wittman

July 5, 2013; Zeta Wittman was born as Zeta Collins on June 15, 1900, in Gilmore City, Iowa, United States. She married in 1925 to Howard Wittman. She died on June 24, 2010, in Hobart, Indiana, United States at the age of 110 years 9 days.

Yae Yabuki, 110

Yae Yabuki

July 6, 2013; Yae Yabuki was born on June 25, 1901, in Japan. She died on March 7, 2012, in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, at the age of 110 years 256 days.

Francisca Barracel-Fernandez, 111

At age 110

Francisca Barracel-Fernandez, 110

Francisca Barracel-Fernandez, 110

At age 111

Francisca Barracel-Fernandez, 111

July 18, 2013; Francisca Barracel-Fernandez was born on June 18, 1902, in the town of Allariz, province of Ourense, Autonomous Community of Galicia, Spain. She lives in the provincial capital of Ourense.

July 20, 2013; We were saddened to learn that Francisca Barracel-Fernandez passed away on July 18, 2013, the same day we placed her in the living Table E, at the age of 111 years and 30 days. As far as we know, she was the fourth oldest person in Spain.

Take Matsui, 110

Take Matsui, 108

July 26, 2013; Take Matsui was born on October 1, 1902, in Japan. About 20+ years ago, she moved from Gifu Prefecture to the area of Yasuura in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. As of 2011, she had a living 97-year-old sister. Take Matsui was confirmed to be living earlier in 2013 as a 110-year-old.

Anna Scarano-Laviola, 110

Anna Scarano-Laviola

July 27, 2013; Anna Scarano-Laviola (pictured at left above) was born on March 5, 1902, in the town of Cerignola, in the region of Apulia, Italy. She died on October 22, 2012 in the commune of Pioltello, in region of Lombardy, Italy.

Alda Collins, 111

August 1, 2013; Alda Collins was born on July 26, 1902, in Somerset County, Pennsylvania as Alda Hoffman. She married William F. Collins and had two sons: William H. "Doc" Collins and James N. "Jim" Collins. She currently lives in Somerset, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

This picture was taken at her 109th birthday; photo credit by The Tribune-Democrat & article can be accessed by pressing the photo below:

Alda Collins, 109

Pictures below provided by son, Jim Collins:

At age 18
Alda Collins

Alda Collins Alda Collins

October 1, 2013; We were saddened to learn that Alda Collins passed away on September 29, 2013 at the age of 111 years 65 days.

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