93-1. January 19, 1993

"Discovering the Genetic Basis of Aging"

Prof. Christopher Wills, Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Center for Molecular Genetics
University of California
San Diego, California

93-2. February 23, 1993

"Insulin, Stress, and Aging"

Prof. Sam Bessman, M.D., Chairman
Department of Pharmacology and Nutrition
School of Medicine
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

93-3. May 25, 1993

"High-Throughput DNA Sequencing of the Human Genome"

Dr. Michael Pallisollo, Ph.D.
Human Genome Center
U.S. Department of Energy
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
University of California
Berkeley, California

93-4. July 7, 1993

"Stem Cell Hematopoiesis"

Dr. Garry Schiller, M.D.
Department of Oncology
UCLA Medical School
Los Angeles, California

93-5. October 26, 1993

"The Aging of Artificial Human Organs"

Dr. Joseph H. Schulman, Ph.D., Chief Scientist
Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research
Sylmar, California

93-6. November 16, 1993

"The Aging Thymus"

Dr. Takashi Makinodan, Ph.D.
West Los Angeles VA Medical Center
Los Angeles, California

93-7. December 7, 1993

"The Canine Model of Hypothermic Surgery"

Dr. Steven B. Harris, M.D.
Department. of Pathology
UCLA Medical School
Los Angeles, California